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Use color as the protagonist of your minimal photography. Bright colors and strong contrasts can make sense of your photography. Look for contrasts in the complementary colors, play with the intensity in the edition (better adjust the intensity than saturation or you will create unreal images) and take advantage of the hard light hours so that the colors look brighter.

If the color itself is not the protagonist of the image and you think it can only distract, remove it, as you would with any other element left over from the scene. Now, do not photograph directly in black and white. Unless you want to get a quick idea of whether it is an image that can look good in grayscale. Color photography and later, in the editor, convert it to black and white.

Look for plain, white, black, or any other color that does not distract or add information. It is worth adding value to the image, but not unnecessary information. You can eliminate an annoying background by changing the perspective, locking in long exposure to achieve a silky effect of the water or using very wide openings that completely defocus it, to give some examples.

I have anticipated it before, it is a simple portrait photographer Hong Kong on a visual level, but not of content. Your purpose as an artist is to move your audience, with more or fewer elements. In this case with less, which does not mean you can not thrill. Use colors, lines or negative space to provoke emotions.

Just as you can thrill with the minimum number of elements, you can also tell a story. Even do both. How to tell a story through photography you have very well explained here , now, applied to minimalist photography, try to focus on a single element, or two, if necessary, eliminate everything that is on the scene.

Inspire yourself It is the best thing you can do if you have not practiced minimalist photography before, if you are not clear about what it is or how to get it. Stroll through galleries of minimalist photographers and immerse yourself in their work. It is not about copying it but it is about understanding how it works, how it can be conquered with an image taken to the limit of the simple. For this, I leave you some examples, take a walk and enjoy your work.

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